August 13, 2010
Happy 3rd Birthday Celeste!

Well, Celeste turned three, so I guess we're officially out of the terrible twos. Of course, I keep hearing the threes are not any better. At least it's nice to be able to communicate with her. She's still not that great at washing the Porsche (can't quite reach the top of the car at 3 feet tall), but everything takes time.

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July 05, 2010

Not that my golf clubs were that bad (King Cobra II), but technology has come a long way since I got my clubs using credit card points with American Express. Must've been 12 years ago at least.

Anyway, I stumbled on, who make knock offs. Okay, wait, let me back up: After getting my Costco membership (see previous blog entry), I was cruising the aisles for lunch and saw some TaylerMade golf clubs. One thing lead to another and soon I was spending hours on the internet researching clubs. THEN, I stumbled on

Anyway, I ordered a new set of custom clubs and my gosh were they sweet! Well, they were "sweet" after I got over my misconception that they would automatically go in the hole on command (I had to accept the fact that I still had to swing the club and hit the ball - bummer!).

But, overall, the oversized driver head was great. I could hit FOUR golfs balls with one swing, so one was bound to land in a fairway (and hopefully it was the fairway I was aiming at.). And the titanium face irons, with stiff shafts put about 10-20 yards more on my shots. Oh, and best of all, I got 3 and 4 hybrid irons. Now, I can actually hit my 3 and 4 irons without worrying too much about hitting someone on another fairway (or another golf course, or in a nearby park)

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April 24, 2010
I've Discovered Costco!

Yeah, I'm kind of late to the party, but it's still exciting for me (Costco = Exciting? What has become of my life???). Especially the discounts on See's Candies CHOCOLATE. Oh, and when I'm low on cash, I can always cruise the aisles, getting enough samples to equal a buffet meal. And all it cost me was a costco membership and 4 hours waiting in long lines (I guess a few other folks have the same idea...)

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February 24, 2010
Startup Central

One thing I've noticed about the economy here is that a few folks that can't find jobs are working for themselves...starting a Startup. Costs are low for labor, office space, etc, so it's actually not a bad time to get some progress in. And, some of my "angel" and venture capitalist buddies got some cash that's just waiting to be invested.

Hmm, I have some swamp land in Florida...

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November 20, 2009
Gosh I'm boring

It's been a few months and all I can say is that I've been busy raising a two year old. It's amazing the amount of learning that goes on at that age. Every day, she surprises us with something new that she's learned.

It's not the most exciting thing to blog about but it's exciting for me!

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